About Us
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About Us

Digital Doddle is a tech for good agency that specialises in designing, piloting and implementing digital products for purpose led projects. Our mission is to promote ‘tech for good’ and harness technology as an enabler for social impact and positive change.

We are highly collaborative and set out on journey to uncover the critical issues that provide clarity and focus. We blend data analysis with user insights to ensure solutions have deep and measurable impact. We believe in the power of narrative to change perspectives, culture and attitudes. Digital Doddle promotes human centred design – a co-design production process which places people at the heart of product design. We are strongly embedded in social enterprise, start-up innovation events, hackathons and women in tech communities in Dublin and beyond. Since founding in 2017 we have been awarded New Frontiers award from Enterprise Ireland and Going for Growth award that supports female entrepreneurs.

Máirín Murray & Ellen Ward

TEDx about Tech for Good

Meet our talented & hard

working team.


Máirín Murray

Tech Innovator

Martyna Lebryk

Design Lead

Miriam Elst

Facilitator, UX Researcher

Emilia Krysztofiak