TEDx Talk about Tech for Good Movement
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TEDx Talk about Tech for Good Movement

TEDx Talk about Tech for Good Movement

Máirín Murray and Ellen Ward are co-founders of Tech for Good Dublin. They were delighted to present a TEDx talk at Limerick University in June 2019 on the Tech for Good movement. Tech for Good Dublin is a community of over 2000 people and is open to everyone and the free events showcase projects and technologies which are solving everyday problems and having positive impact for people, communities and the planet. In 2018 Tech for Good Dublin was finalist in the Innovation for Change category of the Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Awards. Their TEDx talk is a call to action to get involved in harnessing technology to solve the problems that we are facing at a local and global level and includes sharing examples of Tech for Good in action.

Please watch the talk on the TED site and help us promote and share it. https://www.ted.com/talks/

Máirin Murray starts the TEDx talk by explaining that technology is not intrinsically good or bad it depends on whether we harness it for positive or negative purposes. Later she explains how medieval Irish monasteries provides us with a clue about the potential and shape of Tech for Good communities.


I come from County Down, it’s near Strangford Lough.It’s a really beautiful part of the world.Near my home are the remains of the ancient monastery of Saint Mochaoi,on the Island of Nendrum.The monks there were world innovators.In the seventh century,they found a way to harness the power of tides and currents.Archeologists have confirmedthat Nendrum is the site of the first water tidal mill in the world.We can use this as a clue in terms of how we can harness technology for good.Monasteries were collectives,they were communities of learning and doing,and sometimes brewing as well.They were focused on local solutions,and they shared the knowledge through global networks.Their focus was on the social good.Today in a similar way,there are Tech for Good communities popping up all over the world.Tech4good is more than a hashtag, it’s a global grassroots movement.There’s no rulebook or manual to follow; we don’t have all the answers.But we do know that it’s about working and learning from each other in community.It’s about building a collective intelligence.


This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxUniversityofLimerick, an independent event.